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Lip Lift Surgery - Permanent and Natural Results

What is  Lip Lift?

A lip lift is a surgical technique which creates a permanent, natural increase in the ‘pink lip’ that is seen, resulting in an upper lip that is fuller and appears more youthful. Some patients naturally have thin upper lips or long lips (an increased distance between the nose and top of the pink lip). The goal of lip lift surgery is provide naturally freshened and more youthful look to the face to complement your overall appearance.

Benefits of a lip lift are:

·       Immediately visible results

·       Day surgery

·       Accentuates and enhances the lip line

·       Minimal scarring (hidden at the base of the nose)

·       Lips appear fuller

·       Permanent

·       No use of synthetic injectables

Lip Lift by Daniel Bunker Before and After
Before and After Lip Lift Surgery


What Can I Expect?

Surgery is performed as day surgery under a general anaesthetic. Initially, there can be some bruising and swelling which will settle over the coming weeks. The incision will be hidden at the base of the nose and closed with fine sutures that are removed after approximately one week. You will be given analgesia and antibiotics to take at home on discharge. The swelling will continue to improve over the weeks to months meaning you can expect improvement in how your upper lip appears during this time.


Who is a Good Canditate for Lip Lift Surgery?

Patient with long or thin upper lips are best suited to this of surgery. The procedure results in a permanent enhancement of the upper lip without the need for repeat injectables and avoiding the ‘duck’ like lip which can happen with over-injection of fillers.

What are the Risks?

Lip lift surgery is permanent. Although this is usually considered a benefit, it is important to understand that because tissue is being removed, the changes are not reversible. Patients with a history of poor scarring should not undergo lip lift surgery, as there is a risk of having a thick scar under the nose. Only a very small amount of tissue is usually removed, to avoid the risk of ‘over doing’ the procedure and exposing too much upper lip. Bleeding and infection can occur with all surgery but are not common. For a comprehensive discussion of risks a benefits, contact us to arrange a consultation with Mr. Daniel Bunker.

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Neil Tubb
Neil Tubb
3 days ago

I recently had a procedure to remove a cancerous skin condition on my head by Dr Bunker

and I was impressed with the caring nature and professionalism provided to me by Dr Bunker.

I have no hesitation in recommending Dr Bunker to anyone requiring this type of procedure.

Thanks Neil Tubb Longford Tasmania.

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