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Breast Surgery - What Scar Will I Have?

Updated: Mar 3

Breast Surger
Breast Surgery Scar Patterns

As Specialist Plastic Surgeons, we take both minimising scars and providing high quality, fine subtle scars very seriously. While surgical technique is just one of many factors contributing to final scar quality, is it something we can control. In essence, breast surgeries include Breast Augmentation and other procedures such as Breast Lift/Breast Reduction (or a hybrid procedure where the breast is both lifted and volumised which we call Augmentation Mastopexy).

Breast implants are most commonly placed through a short horizonal incision in the fold of the breast, or more rarely via scars around the areolar or in the axilla. For the other types of Breast Surgery, scars either run around the nipple and straight down ('vertical/lollipop scar'), around the nipple, down and under the fold ('inverted-T/anchor scar'), or around the nipple, down and along the fold laterally ('J/L scar'). The scar pattern chosen depends on the extent of lift and breast envelope change that you require and the surgeon's particular technique or preference. In general, however, smaller lifts or reductions can be achieved with a vertical scar, whereas larger changes necessitate the additional horizontal scar to allow the breast envelope to be manipulated in multiple planes. If a vertical scar patterns is used in the latter instance, patients can end up with a scar that is too long and runs onto the chest wall and/or is very 'wrinkled' as excess skin is cheated a vertical scar. During your consultation, Mr. Bunker will discuss the surgical plan for scar placement with you and the rationale behind this decision.

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